Science in Sport Beta Fuel Product Review

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Science in Sport Beta Fuel Product Review

There is a reason that our company doesn’t have affiliations with sports nutrition brands – and that is because one of our core values is trust, so there can be no bias here!
So with that, enter just one of the product reviews heading your way from here on – because your frequent questions coming in of ‘what is the best sports drink/gel/electrolyte etc?’ has been heard!

Beta Fuel

So without further ado let’s breakdown the Beta Fuel Sport Drink.

WHAT is Beta Fuel?

A sports drink that packs a punch in the carbs department! This mix is targeted to deliver a high dose of carbs using fructose and glucose – with one 500mL bidon delivering 80g of carbs!! Just as a comparison, the tried and true Gatorade delivers 32g of carbs in 500mL, so you can see why this might be an appealing option in the sports drink department.

Beta Fuel

WHO should consider Beta Fuel?

This one is specialised to the endurance addicts amongst us. So if you are a triathlete racing 70.3 or Ironman; a cyclist doing big day events or stage racing; or an ultra runner – pop this down on your ‘to try in training’ list!

WHY could it be useful?

For any events over 3hrs, aiming up towards 80-90g of carbs per hour is ideal – but if you’ve tried this you may know it comes with risk to tolerance and gut upset. By delivering such a big amount of carbs in an isotonic solution, with a glucose to fructose ratio that reduces risk of gut upset, it definitely makes fuelling feel a whole lot easier for some!

Use with CAUTION?

With a higher fructose ratio than the previous 2:1, this will likely not be the solution for those with FODMAP intolerance. Also, such a big load of carbs needs to be trialled in training – not only to test your tolerance, but also to train the gut to cope and absorb that amount of fuel coming in. This is where the help of a trusted sports Dietitian will come in, and we just so happen to know a few.


At $6 a serve, this punch of carbs doesn’t come cheap – so consider your budget before buying and also remember you can mix it up with other fuel sources alongside this one!

Our PERSONAL reflections:

We’ve stuck to our word and tested this ourselves, so you’ll find no bias. One of our Sports Dietitian’s specialising in endurance athletes took this supplement on a 6 hour bike ride and found it super easy to take in – helping switching up the flavour and fuel options over the long sesh!

What sports drink, bar, gel or chew should we review next?

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