Breakfast Trifle

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Alicia Edge

Breakfast Trifle

The holiday season is upon us. This means more sunlight, warm days, seafood, family time, and summer fruit! Every year I get excited about delicious summer fruit,  and what better way to enjoy it than to make it into a delicious breakfast triffle.

This is super easy to make, ready in under ten minutes! This is a huge bonus because we all know we deserve some chill time after the year that we just had. This can be extremely versatile, so get creative!

Serves: 2


4 weetbix

1/4 cup trail mix

1/2 cup yogurt

2 tbsp chia jam

Or you can use frozen/fresh fruit or any jam or your choosing

1 peach

2 strawberries


1. Crush weetbix to desired consistency and mix in trail mix

2. Slice strawberries and peaches

3. Add one layer of the weetbix mixture into two glasses (use half between the two)

4. Next layer on half of the yoghurt between the two glasses

5. Layer peach slices ontop and press strawberries slices against the inside wall of the glass

6. Add another layer of the weetbix (save some for the top garnish)

7. Layer 1tbsp of chia jam on top

8. Add remaining weetbix mix and you’re complete! Refrigerate or enjoy now!

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