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Who are Compeat?

Founded by husband and wife team Dan and Alicia Edge, Compeat Performance was born out of a determination to deliver more individualised, effective, and empathetic nutrition to athletes of all levels. Disrupting the usual appointment-based consult model, Compeat appreciates that nutrition is a science, but recognises that (more importantly) eating is a behaviour.

With the rapidly increasing rates of disordered eating and increased awareness of the performance impacts of Relative Energy in Sport, Alicia witnessed a system that needed a significant change in approach and monitoring to enhance the well-being and availability of athletes globally. While Dan, a process engineer, and former athlete, witnessed an opportunity to empower the nutrition industry and athlete population through technology innovation.

To achieve this, they set out to achieve the seemingly impossible task of finding new ways to support athletes outside the consult model and envisaged a solution that redefined nutrition success away from body composition and toward lowered risk of injury and illness, enhanced adaptations to training and improved overall wellbeing.

Now with an industry-proven model to achieve this, Compeat is a scalable nutrition solution that unlocks access to support, enabled by an innovative technology platform. 

For progress in nutrition habits to stick, we recognise that each athlete needs to be met at their own capability, context, and curiosity level; enabling an athlete to advance their nutrition confidence and resilience in a way that feels enjoyable, obvious, and simple in their lives.

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Our team leaders


Alicia Edge

Co-CEO, Health & Performance Services Lead & 2022 Dietitian of the Year


Dan Edge

All things Business, Product and Operations.

Kate Wensley Headshot – Compeat

Kate Wensley

Our Well-being & Performance Psychology Guru.


Demi Patterson

Sports Dietitian & Compeat Academy manager