Lacrosse Australia – New Signing

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Maddy Compeat

Lacrosse Australia – New Signing

Compeat Nutrition Welcomes Lacrosse Australia Partnership!

Lacrosse Australia

Lacrosse Australia is Compeat Nutrition’s newest partner making strides towards supporting and enhancing athlete wellbeing. With a squad made up of both US-based athletes as well as across Australia, it offers a unique comparative case study in the different data trends for the US college and Australian systems. This has allowed our integrated nutrition wellbeing support to be provided to players across the globe. But also provides a great entry level insight into the challenges and needs of the US college system.

The initial phase of the program has been spent focused upon Performance Risk & Wellbeing Assessments on each individual player. We are already seeing significant player improvements across this initial phases of the program. The lacrosse program provides a huge cast study for US heavy sport. The focus now turns to the World Cup & world games this coming July 2022.

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