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Welcome to Compeat

Where we redefine nutrition, well-being & performance to empower our partners to outperform the competition!

Our Partners

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Performance begins with Well-being.

Backed by evidence-based science, real-world data, and market-leading capability, Compeat provides advanced predictive digital solutions for athlete well-being and sports performance.

Whether a professional team, development program or individual our innovation intersects food, behaviour, psychology and the model of care to provide our partners with a unique competitive advantage that supports their vision for resilient and positive long term success.

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It isn’t just about the food.

Making more than 300 food-based decisions every day, Compeat’s innovation has unlocked a veritable goldmine of insight, opportunity, and the playbook to outperform.

That’s 300 opportunities to identify well-being, development and performance risks, and a pathway to prevent them through building confidence, motivation, skills and resilient behaviours for success. With novel data and insights proven to enhance sports science and performance decisions, Compeat’s predictive approach helps set a foundation for individual and program success.

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Technology Enabled Success

Our proprietary technology bridges gaps, ensuring that whether you’re cultivating the curiosity of a developing athlete, supporting parents in creating positive environments for success, facilitating a professional athlete’s return to play, or looking to simply up your performance, you or your team have access to the support needed for success—anytime, anywhere.

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Our Method

1. Onboard

Whether a team or individual, our first step is to Onboard you with Team Compeat and the Compeat platform. Here we get to understand you or your teams unique well-being and Performance risk profile to identify unique challenges and opportunities for success.

2. Engage

Using a combination of targeted habits, content, resources and Compeat Performance Practitioners we engage to motivate, empower positive progress and overcome barriers towards a clear definition of success.

3. Outperform

With player well-being at the centre we continue to empower you or you team, to see you adapt, build confidence and resilience in your food and well-being. Leveling-up your individual or program performance outcomes and outperform the competition.

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