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What makes a great partner?

Commitment to collaboration. Shared values. Recognition of the impact nutrition can have on well-being and performance. Willingness to create positive change. 

Whether you have landed here from a sporting team or squad, as an individual athlete, or from a corporate setting – you are exactly where you need to be. A place for exploring what performance potential is possible with progress in nutrition.

You may have arrived here after witnessing (or experiencing) challenges with illness, injury, or relationship with food; or you may be here wanting that next step in your performance strategies. You may even be here for both.

We value athletes as people first. We understand before taking action. We empower with nutrition coaching alongside support tools to create progress.

If our values align with yours or you are curious about what performance opportunities can be unlocked with confident, focused, and well-fuelled athletes – let’s chat!

Partner Profiles

Football image

Football Australia

Football Australia partnered with Compeat in 2018 as it looked to embrace a new opportunity that looked at the possibilities of performance beyond the science and into the impact a full development pathway integration could have on player behaviour, resilience, and squad culture. Fast forward some years and Football Australia has witnessed ongoing annual declines in player risk profiles, enhancing performance opportunities and player availability across the Women’s National Pathway program.

Compeat is changing the game around food and nutrition. The direct impact and influence Compeat has on the wellbeing and performance of our athletes; on and off the field is refreshing and one of a kind.

We love working alongside them through our national Teams Programs to create a positive culture and to use behaviour and education to maximize performance of the whole player.

Rae Dower

Matildas Pathway Technical Lead & Head Coach Women's U17.

Lacrosse Australia

Lacrosse Australia

Lacrosse Australia partnered with Compeat to support their women’s program through to the 2022 World Cup and beyond – working with the performance team and athletes based across the globe. Lacrosse Australia is using Compeat’s novel data and expert support to better understand and manage performance across its women’s squad as they prepare for competition and shift to new match formats.

Compeats support in this World Cup & World Games preparation has been invaluable. Managing multiple challenges in the changing structure of our sport, the player insights, progress, and their athlete-centered approach has played a key role in our Women's program being more prepared than ever.

Trish Adams

Head Coach Women’s Australian Lacrosse

Partners – MVFC

Melbourne Victory

Melbourne Victory Football Club use the integrated Compeat solution in its Performance Program to ensure best practice support and systems for players and gain a competitive edge in the high stakes Men’s and Women’s A-League competition.

Compeat’s industry leading solution provides our performance team with incredible data and insights on player health, wellbeing, and injury and performance risk.

This approach is a new way to understand and support our players as individuals to proactively and collaboratively work as a unit to manage the influences in their environment that impact physical and mental performance on and off the pitch

John Didulica

MVFC Director of Football

Partners – PFA

Professional Footballers Australia

The PFA partnership sees Compeat positioned as the dietetic member of the PFA’s ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing Referral Network’. A service funded by the PFA, the network supports individual players with access to expert support from accredited, independent health providers in their time of need.

Social, and environmental influences related to body image and weight can compromise athletes’ performance, wellbeing, and mental health, and a new approach to athlete support and management is required

Compeat understands players as individuals and their services can be accessed confidentially – and our members can be confident they are receiving quality, accredited advice when and where they need it.

We’re delighted to offer this solution to our members and integrate the Compeat team as part of our mental health and wellbeing network

Rita Mankowska

Player Development Manager PFA


Pat Carroll Running Group

PCRG helps hundreds of runners achieve their goals from marathon completion, to PB or simply to run continuously over a requisite distance. PCRG has held a long-term referral partnership with Compeat that sees our team of accredited experts work alongside Pat to support his athletes towards their running goals.

Having a team like Compeat to support my athletes wherever they are in the world, provides peace of mind that they have the support they need to succeed.

Pat Carroll

Owner PCRG - Running Legend


Declan Irvine Professional Cyclist Team Novo Nordisk

Starting when I was 16, Compeat helped me understand more about food and how to fuel during training to maximise my recovery, performance and general wellbeing

Before working with Compeat I was definitely not fueling properly and always fatigued & flat in training and racing; which I thought was normal and it would go away as I got fitter.

But with their help I was able to learn how to fuel my training and day to day to perform at an elite level.

Compeat has been huge part of my development progression and as a full-time professional cyclist, racing in Europe I still work with Compeat to ensure I can be the best athlete I can be.

Declan Irvine

Professional Cyclist, Team Novo Nordisk