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The Compeat Difference

Sports teams

Compeat is changing the game around food and nutrition. The direct athlete impact on and off the field is refreshing and one of a kind.

Rae Dower, Matildas Pathway Technical Lead & Head Coach Women's U17

The Compeat difference for sports teams.

An innovative nutrition solution to enhance performance & athlete availability.

At Compeat we elevate the outcomes in your performance program using world-leading capability with technology-enabled solutions.

Trusted by the world’s top sporting organisations, Compeat is obsessed with translating science into meaningful and impactful behaviour change into the lives of their teams and athletes. We have created a new level of understanding in athlete risk and opportunity via an innovative nutrition support model; presenting more informed decision-making across your performance pathway – with the goal of higher functioning and more available athletes.

We use the very latest in performance nutrition and behavioural science to build athlete resilience, reduce injury and illness risk, and enhance athlete nutrition well-being. Unlocking not only improved athlete availability and training adaptations, but also access to never before seen athlete data.

An ideal solution for your athlete development pathway all the way into the professional arena, Compeat provides an integrated Performance Dietitian Team alongside our innovative tech solution for progressive, athlete-centred success.

Our process for sports teams

1. Understand

From the first interaction, we focus on understanding your pathway to build a solution unique to your program needs. We take time to understand your biggest areas of opportunity first to set your program up for success.

2. Individualise

Your individualised solution is rolled out using a combination of market-leading capability, technology & education. Targeted to compliment your performance goals, we ensure value is focused upon program impact, risk mitigation, and enhanced performance.

3. Outperform

We hold collaboration at the core of what we do. As we work within your team of athletes, we communicate and elevate with the support team. Nothing is done in a silo so that the athlete experience and your performance program is enhanced to outperform the competition.

Individual athletes

Compeat has been a huge part of my development and progression as a full-time professional cyclist.

Declan Irvine, Professional Cyclist, Team Novo Nordisk

The Compeat difference for individuals.

Confident and well-fuelled performance is a game-changer.

Compeat is the trusted partner in performance for the world’s top athletes and sporting organisations. With a team of incredible Sports Dietitians, we connect you with support to one of our performance team via our tech-enabled platform. 

No more waiting lists and say farewell to appointments that leave you having to find time out of your busy training, study, or work schedule. Our support is centred upon you, obsessed with translating the science of performance nutrition into actions that feel easy, obvious, and enjoyable in your life.

Experience unlimited nutrition coaching when and where you need it, while accessing a platform designed unique to you to help you achieve your definition of progress and performance.

Whether health challenges are getting in the way of you feeling your best self, or if you would like to experience the positive performance benefits of optimal fuelling, our performance team are here to have you feeling well recovered, filled with energy, and with a positive state of mind ready to reach your potential.

We cannot wait to be a partner in your success!

Our process for individuals

1. Understand

Whether you are an elite athlete or an active individual, our first step is the same – we listen and learn from you first. We might be the expert in nutrition, but you are the expert in your life. We connect you to our team &  take the time to get to know the real ‘you‘ and the hurdles in the way of achieving your goals.

Hear from Declan

2. Individualise

Armed with understanding, we build a solution alongside you that is at a pace that feels achievable and enjoyable to you. All nutrition coaching and support tools are at your fingertips to help set your environment, confidence, and mindset to elevate your success toward becoming the person you want to be.

3. Outperform

As you progress, we celebrate the journey with milestones that are unique to you building towards a positive relationship with food, performance-focused fuelling, and nutrition resilience that allows confidence to face any hurdles set to come in your way of achieving success.

Hear from Aimee

Coaches and trainers

Having a team like Compeat to support my athletes wherever they are in the world, provides peace of mind that they have the support they need to succeed.

Pat Carroll, Owner Pat Carroll Running Group

The Compeat difference for coaches and trainers.

Accelerate your athlete’s performance – from the inside out.

You provide the cake, while we come in with the icing and sprinkles.

Suboptimal fueling can come in the way of your athlete’s best performance in training and competition; while also reducing their adaptations to training while impeding recovery.

While accessing the same tools, solutions, and support of the world’s top athletes and sporting teams, allow us to collaborate in your athlete’s performance with leading strategies that appreciate that nutrition might be a science, but eating is a behaviour.

We compliment your training program to first ensure a foundation of food knowledge, resilience, and relationship with food that drives training adaptations and performance progress. It is from this positive base that we work alongside you to unlock the potential of performance via strategic nutrition strategies.

An athlete’s performance shouldn’t come at the cost of their well-being; but instead, be magnified as a result of it.

Our process for coaches and trainers

1. Understand

When you refer your team members to us, you can be assured that we take the time to connect them with a member of our Performance Team best suited to their needs. We then allow them to be the expert in their own lives to ensure support is enjoyable and achievable in their lives.

2. Individualise

Armed with understanding and empathy, we work alongside your athlete with unlimited nutrition coaching that is focused on translating performance nutrition solutions into daily habits to progress them towards becoming the athlete they aim to be.

3. Outperform

As your athlete progresses, we adapt and progress key habits toward high nutrition confidence and resilience; aiming for graduation from our Performance Team that has them set to continue to feel well fuelled and recovered as they outperform in all areas!