Product Review: Wrap Breads

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Product Review: Wrap Breads

Product Review – Wrap Bread

In this product review, it is all about wrap bread! With so many wrap breads on the market and so many different health claims, it can be overwhelming.  We have compiled them all together to show you our top picks and our least favourites.

If you’ve been in the market for wrap bread recently, you would’ve noticed that the majority try to make some kind of health claim. High protein, low carb, spinach, low GI etc. The list goes on. It is important to note that you do not need to have a high protein/low carb wrap for it to be good for you.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with carbohydrates! It seems that just about everything lately has protein added to it, while it is a great bonus, it isn’t the defining factor on whether a product is a good product. It is perfectly okay to consume something without the addition of protein.

With so many, we have categorised it into three categories

1) Regular

2) Gluten-free

3) Low carb

These are the things we are looking at;

Fibre – Rules of thumb we are looking for at least >3g per serve of fibre to contribute to the daily recommended intake of 25g.

Protein – In wrap bread, protein is a bonus, looking for the highest to help keep you full and assist in your overall protein intake.

Sodium – Generally we are looking for less than <400mg per 100g.

Ingredients list – Are ordered in highest to lowest, can help us assess what is in the product. Looking at the overall quality and length of the ingredient list

For this comparison, I have compared them by 100g each to keep it fair.

gluten free wrap bread

Top picks

  • Genius gluten-free wraps

These contain an impressive 15g/100g of fibre making that 6g of fibre per serve. This is from the added mixed wholegrain fibres and psyllium husk. These whole grain fibres, alongside chickpea and rice flour and pea protein help, increase the protein content of this product.

  • BFree gluten-free wraps

Much the same as the genius gluten-free wrap breads, the added wholegrain fibres, psyllium husk, red quinoa seeds, teff seeds, linseeds, inulin and chia seeds helps this gluten-free product become more fibre enriched. The same again, mixed wholegrain flours and pea protein help bring the protein content up. This means that for fibre we’ve got 13g/100g and 5.5g per serve.

wrap bread

So how do they make these low carb wrap breads? They generally have wheat protein or soy protein isolate added in, helping them become more high protein/low carb.

Top picks

  • Simsons pantry low carb super spinach & herb

These wraps are high in protein (12.3g/100g), this is contributed from the added soy protein. It is also very high in fibre (19.8g/100g), this is due to the added wheat bran. As an added bonus they’re certified fodmap friendly and in comparison to other wraps are lower in sodium.  And no, the “spinach and herb” (a total of 1% of ingredients) does not make these healthier. Green does not equal healthy, they do, however, taste really good!

  •  Woolworths lower carb

These are incredibly high in protein (20.5g/100g), this is contributed from wheat protein isolate which is third on the ingredient list, remembering that ingredient lists go from highest to lowest. It also has very high fibre (21.8g/100g)  which is contributed largely by the modified wheat starch which comes in second on the ingredient list.

wrap bread top pick

Top picks

  • Simsons whole grain and seeds + fibre

These are packed with fibre (11.5g/100g) from the added whole grains, seeds and oat fibre. They also contain lower sodium and also have a good hit of protein for a wrap.

  • Helga’s traditional wholemeal

These are a great traditional style wrap, no crazy claims, no arms-length ingredients list.  These contain a good serve of carbohydrates and still a good serving of fibre and protein, remembering that we will add fillings to boost this as well.  Sometimes simple is best!

  • Simsons wholegrain super barley

Another fibre packed wrap containing 13.5g/100g. This is contributed by added barleyMAX and wheat fibre.

To wrap it up…

You do not need to pick a wrap based on the protein or fibre content, at the end of the day wraps are great for their carbohydrate content. We add filing to our wraps that enrich their nutritional profile. Added protein and fibre is just a bonus.
If the wraps we picked in the top picks were not your favourites, or you do not enjoy these ones, then it is also perfectly okay to choose a wrap based on your own palette. Consume the foods you enjoy!

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