E-Sports: Fuelling your gaming for peak performance!

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E-Sports: Fuelling your gaming for peak performance!

How is fuelling for e-sports different to other endurance sports (such as cycling or running)

The most obvious difference is the high physical demand of an endurance sport such as cycling or running, versus the lower physical demand of an e-sport tournament. Where fuelling for endurance cycling or running is prioritised around an athlete being able to hold physical power and intensity; fuelling for e-sport performance is prioritised primarily around optimising focus, concentration, and decision-making.

e-sports differences

How is fuelling for e-sports similar to other endurance sports?

Despite the seemingly significant differences between endurance sports and e-sports, there are also similarities – enabling the overarching concepts to still be used. This ensures we are still aiming for carbohydrate availability and frequent feedings, while also being able to consider supplements that have been proven to improve not only endurance, but also focus, concentration, and decision-making in a range of athletes.

e-sports similarities

What snacks make the best fuel E-Sports athletes and why?

Mocha Energy Bites

These are an absolute favourite for all endurance athletes – both in e-sports and on the road. A mix of slow & fast-released carbohydrates from the oats and dates, combined with the power of caffeine from the coffee, these bites are both delicious and functional for best performance.

Other ideas to ‘play’ with that use both ergogenic aids and everyday ingredients:

  • Yoghurt cups with blackcurrant coulis & nutty granola
  • Blackcurrant smoothie
  • Frozen Yoghurt cups – blackcurrants, honey, and Greek yoghurt

What about performance supplements:


  • Peaks at ~45-60mins after ingesting
  • Shown to increase focus and energy and enhances endurance
  • 1-4mg/kg – used to increase alertness, concentration, reaction time
  • 3mg/kg increases cognitive performance


  • High amounts of polyphenols (anthocyanins), with levels peaking at 2hrs after having.
  • Increases visual processing speed
  • Enhances mood and cognition
  • Improves working memory

Beetroot Juice:

  • Increases cerebral blood flow
  • Increases task performance and there is a potential increase in cognitive performance
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Increases response time and ameliorates cognitive decline.

If you’re an e-sports athlete looking to amplify your performance for an event, look no further. To learn more about how to connect with one of our Performance Team and learn more about how we can help you outperform the competition look below.