Finding Purpose and Direction

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Alicia Edge

Finding Purpose and Direction

What a week it has been in Australia following from the very big couple of months in the rest of the world. It has been a crazy anxiety-driven time, surrounded by a lot of fear, a lot of confusion and a lot of unknown. One of the big things that have happened over the last couple of weeks, particularly with our Compeat crew, has been the cancellation and postponement of many important events and seasons.

With this has come a massive loss of direction, purpose and identify which has come from that shift in fear and change. There’s a really big reason why Leah Gilbert has been invited on. Leah is a sports counsellor and offers many insights and practical tips on all things related to resilience.

We don’t only talk about the professional athlete, but we also the every day active individuals and those of you out there in our workforce who might be experiencing a lot of financial insecurity. Jobs are currently being lost, leave is being forced upon people, sick leave is running out and the length of time in which this may happen is really unknown. We discuss what it means to your identity, goals, hopes and dreams! What should our direction be when it comes to supporting each other and coming together in a place that is full of potential if we really choose to take that next step! Leah is incredible in this space and we’re sure you’ll absolutely love the story she tells! You can find Leah at: or