Performance Nutrition During Menopause

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Performance Nutrition During Menopause

We work with a diverse range of athletes, from junior development, to everyday active, to elite. One group that we ADORE are our women that come to us wanting to adapt, improve and thrive – now that the kids have grown older or left home, it is time for them.

One topic that often gets overlooked in nutrition and performance nutrition is menopause. It is also a topic that many shy away from asking about. So, here is a whole chunk of your questions rolled into one podcast with an incredible practitioner – Mel. Mel Matheson is a dual accredited sports dietitian and exercise physiologist. She has a passion for helping women to recognise the importance of energy availability, menstrual cycles, menopause, and how to make peace with food.

As a non-diet dietitian, Mel inspires others to liberate themselves from weight cycling, restrictive eating or burnout to a place of body acceptance and adequate fuelling. A personal journey she has also endured herself. Mel is based in Dubbo and runs her own business called Nutricise – She can also be found on social media under @Nutricise.


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The bonus is, we don’t just see you one, prescribe something and say goodbye. The dashboard and app you use opens unlimited access to your Dietitian and something that grows with you. So you can leave us with confidence and resilience.

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