Habits – The Latest Dietetic Tool in Our Supportive Tech

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Maddy Compeat

Habits – The Latest Dietetic Tool in Our Supportive Tech
Habits Feature

Introducing Habits

Our latest dietetic tool – Habits – has now fully launched across our sports, general population and corporate components. This tool is key evolution to our empowered healthcare model and the platform. Empowering our team of highly capable dietitians to have more impact when supporting each clients individual need.

Habits is just one of the many tools we’re packing in the toolbox to craft a healthcare model that is individualised and empowered client centred. Moving beyond the traditional practice of food prescription – to one that understands people in terms of their lifestyle and behavioural needs.

What Does this Mean for You?

Connecting with one of our performance dietitians is the first step towards understanding who you are, who you want to be and what habits you need to put in place to get there. Through our latest tool – Habits – we help you understand how to identify your own identity goal.

Habits provides a regular reminder to focus on very specific behaviours and actions which have been carefully planned by you and your Compeat Performance dietitian to help you work towards your identity goal. Empowering you to work through and overcome the setbacks, speed bumps and road blocks along the way.

Taking your habits out of the ‘too hard’ basket and put them in your pocket!


Powering to Progress

As we continue to progress we reflect on the learnings that was building Habits and use this to inform the future of our product. Allowing for automation to step in is something that will only enable us to scale our product.

Working through these key data pieces we continue towards the next iteration of data driven learning. Using dashboards and novel data for HR/Managers/Coaches to overview their team’s insights and risks to empower further progress in the health and wellbeing of people.

Compeat Nutrition offers unique individual support for all athletes. Whether you are an individual or team athlete, if you are someone looking to level up your performance we have a solution for you. Contact us here to get started today!