Supplements to Help Increase Your Muscle Mass

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Alicia Edge

Supplements to Help Increase Your Muscle Mass

Muscle mass and increasing weight.

A goal of many clients we work with, but one that can be misunderstood and at times, frustratingly hard to achieve.

As many of you pointed out, In our last post on gaining weight we failed to go through which supplements are important, and which are a plain right waste of money with absolutely no evidence.

In nutrition, there are often many big we need to cover off first and increasing muscle mass is no different. All of the nutritional strategies we spoke about last week aren’t irrelevant! They should always form the foundation when trying to increase your muscle mass. It might surprise a lot of you to know that for this reason, dietitians don’t necessarily like to prescribe many supplements to our clients. Supplements are simply the cherry on top of the cake of good nutrition.

However, for all of you who have a solid foundation, and would like that next step up, watch our live on this topic below.

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