Nutrition Challenges in Times of Crisis

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Alicia Edge

Nutrition Challenges in Times of Crisis

The past few weeks and months have presented us with some unique nutrition challenges. We have the pleasure of welcoming a superstar in the space of nutrition and eating behaviours onto the Waffle. Fiona Sutherland (@themindfuldietitian) is a sports dietitian with over 15 years of experience in the field. Every time I hear her speak I always leave feeling more confident, calmer and with added insights into better supporting our clients. These times can be really challenging and confronting.

There may be a lot of unprocessed emotions ramping up during this time. There may be unexpected events just around the corner. The panic buying as a result of the COVID-19 breakout has caused major concerns to our food availability. Our loss of control in so many of life’s facets will impact many people’s relationship with food. It is this reason that Fiona was the first person that came to mind to discuss what’s happening out there at the moment. She shares some insights around nutrition challenges, food behaviours and disordered eating. She also shares some particularly prominent red flags to be aware of. Fiona gives us some really pragmatic advice. If you’re someone who is experiencing quite a lot of anxiety due to the events happening in the world or someone who typically turns to foods following turmoil, then this is the podcast for you. If you have any question or concerns and would like to reach out, please do so Here.

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