New Years Resolution: How to chart a course for success in 2023

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New Years Resolution: How to chart a course for success in 2023

Happiest of New Year to you all!

Now as we emerge from the blur period where day and time doesn’t exist and no routine or rhythm was expected of us, you may now be re-entering the world of work life and training, while also balancing kids being home for school holidays… eep, it’s a ride!

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But alongside all of this, you may be aiming to re-enter into all this with a new years resolution, intentions, or goals.

What does the success of these goals FEEL like?

What does change LOOK like?

As frustrating as it can be and as impatient as we can get to achieve results, change is slow and growth is a real process – it takes time. Mistakes. Learnings. And most importantly – practice.

Getting from A to B

Think back to a time you had to go to a new destination – maybe it was getting yourself to a new office or new friends house or maybe a whole new town after moving.

That first trip you may use a guide to help you get to where you need to be – hellooo Google Maps!

That little bit of security is enough to get you stepping out of your comfort zone with confidence that you will likely still make mistakes. (But it will get you there in the end.)

Oh and don’t those mistakes happen!

  • You take a turn too early
  • You miss a turn
  • You get stuck in the wrong lane
  • You find yourself on the bridge instead of in the tunnel (Sydney folk, you get me haha!)
  • You can’t find the parking area or a parking space.
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But despite these, your GPS has your back. They redirect and guide you back to where you need to be – even if it might be 20mins later than you anticipated!

& then comes the practice.

Putting Yourself on Autopilot

With each trip you make you learn.

  • You notice yourself feeling less anxiety before you leave
  • You are able to more accurately predict how long it will take to get there or what time you need to leave.
  • You know which lane to change into and when to make sure you don’t get stuck.
  • You start making those turns with confidence and precision.

Then, before you really notice, you aren’t really using your GPS anymore. Before long you realise you are problem-solving and solutioning on your own; and you know you have it sorted when you feel that trip is on autopilot.

Autopilot is like a flow state. The action feels familiar, safe, simple and easy.

Making New Years Intentions

So, if you have found yourself reflecting on the year ahead with:

“I wish to be happier”

“I want to be fitter and faster”

“I need to get stronger”

“I want to be more present and productive”

…these are incredible intentions!

However, they are also really broad and abstract; meaning without clear (and achievable) actions attached, they will have you feeling let down and with those familiar feelings of failure sooner than we can say February!

So it’s the best time right now to break these big intentions down into manageable actions.

Turning New Years Resolutions into Action

So take your goal: e.g. “I need to get stronger” and transform it to:

“I’ve noticed that as my weeks get busy with work and kids, I find myself forgetting to eat and drink over the day OR having to choose foods that aren’t leaving me feeling my best or recovered over the day. This then makes me feel fatigued and so unmotivated for the afternoon sessions – often meaning my afternoon strength sessions are first to go from my training plans.

What can I do to make my strength sessions feel more obvious and enjoyable?”

What are some easy additions to my day that would make food choices feel easier?

For some, this might be moving toward:

  • More convenient lunch options that feel more simple and achievable.
  • It might be taking pause to prepare food the night before.
  • Buying yourself a sweet new drink bottle to make drinking water more enjoyable.

These examples may feel like they have nothing to do with increasing strength.


They actually have EVERYTHING to do with success toward increasing your strength. These actions start your daily wins, they build confidence and they make that strength session more likely to happen AND more likely to feel like progress.

New years resolution: Little kid excited at an ice hockey game.

Your Personal GPS

You can think of our team of Dietitians as your health and performance version of the GPS!

If you feel you would like:

  • Guidance for your first actions
  • The addition of support (just like the GPS!)
  • Help you move through each obstacle with confidence (take that step into the discomfort of change)

– then we have some really great news for you!

Compeat Performance is set-up to literally be your guide – with unlimited support, chat and all the resources you need to succeed – until you find your autopilot in food habits that feel easy, enjoyable and obvious for you.