Weight Gain? Here’s What to Do Next

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Weight Gain? Here’s What to Do Next

So, You’ve Gained Weight

You don’t need reasons or excuses as to why. Weight gain is a result of so many factors. It can be negative emotions like grief, trauma, isolation, sleep deprivation, fear, depression, and low self-esteem. But it can also be because of more positive emotions like joy, celebration, laughter, excitement, and improved mood.

Weight gain is an indicator of something more: stress, celebration, poor mental health, improved mental health, injury, and more

As much as diet culture will try and tell you that you’ve done something wrong in order to gain weight, there is absolutely no truth in that.

Instead of diving into a new diet or another 12 week challenge, what can you do instead?

Focus on Self-Acceptance

Instagram is flooded with photos of self-love and body positivity. Which is such a great movement but it can be intimidating if you feel so far from this. Loving yourself can be difficult, so instead aim for accepting yourself.

Firstly, you can start by noticing your thoughts.

“My legs are too big”
“Why does my tummy roll like that?”
“I hate the way my arms jiggle”

After you notice negative thoughts and feelings towards yourself, then try to challenge those thoughts with positive or neutral thoughts.

You can find the full post on self-acceptance here.

Notice the though, then challenge the thought

Finding Your Why

If your mind immediately bounces to losing the weight, stop for a second. Why do you want to lose weight? Just to see the number that you used to see on the scale?

Does that number actually matter? Think deeper.

Who do you want to be?

  • Confident?
  • Energetic?
  • A better performing athlete?
  • This piece is unique to you!

When you figure out your why behind striving for weight loss and who it is you want to be, we can focus on this instead.

Maybe weight loss will be a product of these actions, but maybe it won’t be. You will, however, be progressing towards who it is you really want to be. Regardless of weight & body size.

Aim to Eat Regularly

When thoughts of weight loss pop into our heads, the first thing that’s considered is to eat less. Where can I cut more food out of my day? Often this technique results in under-eating or going long stints without food.

This can see you in a state of being under-fuelled. It can also see you feeling heavily restricted, which then results in overeating in the afternoon or night time. It can even mean feeling out of control with food, and eventually disordered eating and eating disorders.

Rather than depriving yourself, fuel your body regularly so you can feel your best and most energised over the day. Aim for all 3 of your meals and snacks in between.

Abundance shows a full ball, restriction shows an empty ball

Focus on What You Can Add In

Restriction can lead to negative impacts to both physical & mental health. Most diets, health kicks, and wellness journeys are based on restriction.

“I’m giving up sugar for 60 days”
“We have to go low carb”
“I’m not allowed to eat bread anymore!”
“I’m on a health kick which means no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol, dairy free, and gluten free”

Instead, focus on all of the nutritious and delicious foods to add into your diet. Different colours? Textures? More plants? Increasing fish? The list is endless!

Flip the switch on your mindset, how to rephrase your thoughts

Focus on Movement You Enjoy

Using exercise to burn calories or earn an upcoming meal takes away the joy of movement. It starts to feel like a chore, like a burden, or a punishment. We call this the ‘burn to earn’ mentality.

It’s a tricky one, because it’s so heavily rooted in our society. I’ve been to many spin classes where the instructor motivates us by saying something similar to ‘Push harder to work off all those Easter chocolates!’

Instead, choose movement that you enjoy and use it as stress relief, testing your performance, or for the feel good effect. 

Need More Support?

If you would like to start to consider your nutrition differently, then we would love you to join our crew. Performance is relative and every single one of our clients holds a different version of success that we latch on to in being your support in achieving.

The bonus is, we don’t just see you one, prescribe something and say goodbye. The dashboard and app you use opens unlimited access to your Dietitian and something that grows with you. So you can leave us with confidence and resilience.

Our app is free to download on either Apple or Android by searching ‘Compeat Nutrition’. Otherwise you can contact our customer service team here for more information.