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Compeat Performance is excited to be partnering with Challenge Canberra to support it’s participants to train, fuel and recover on their journey towards race day for 2024.

Are you Challenge Canberra Ready?

Whether you’re a seasoned racer, a beginner, or a professional, triathlon demands the utmost from you in training and, most crucially, your race day performance and how food and nutrition fits in is key.

At Compeat, we take a distinctive approach to nutrition. While we are industry leaders in performance nutrition science, our priority is understanding you as an individual. We focus on identifying and overcoming the unique barriers that may affect your performance, whether during training, racing, or everyday life.

In collaboration with Challenge Canberra, we’re extending an exclusive offer previously reserved for our trusted partners, like the Matildas, opening our innovative health and performance profiling capability to helps you pinpoint where you are on your health and performance journey and unlock your opportunities for success in your race day Performance.

Curious about what performance opportunities await? Simply hit the button below to discover your unique Compeat Profile!

Training & Race Day Nutrition Tips.

Signs of Under-fuelling infographic

5 Most Common Triathlon Mistakes

Triathlon, you’re competing in three sports! It can become a logistical nightmare if you let it. Want to know what we see as the 5 most common mistakes triathletes make in their training and races? Check out Our Blog Here

The 3 main reasons for gut issues during exercise. Physiological (reduces blood flow to the gut), mecahnical (bouncing effect of running) or nutritional

Train your Gut for Race Day

Everyone seems to have their own memorable experience with needing to find a toilet quick smart or heaven forbid, making a quick dash into the bushes! Gut issues, endurance sport, and even intense team sport go hand in hand if not considered properly? Click on the image or check out how we see you can train your gut for race day in How to Effectively Train Your Gut for Race Day

recovery window

Are you really recovering to get the most from your training?

There can be a real pressure to knock back a protein shake within minutes of finishing your workout or training session. But are all those training gains ‘lost’ if you miss that mythical 30 minute window? Read about The Recovery Window of Opportunity

Who Trusts Compeat?

Having supported 1000’s of Everyday humans, weekend athletes and seasoned professionals we pride ourselves on our impact and approach to success. Checkout just a short list of the amazing humans who trust Compeat and that we’er proud to include in our Crew.

Lauren Parker Lausaunne

Lauren Parker – 8 x Para Triathlon & Paracycling World Champion

Brodie Chapman 2 600×600 c top

Brodie Chapman – Professional Cyclist & 2023 Australian Women’s Elite Road Champion,

Gabriela Bryan _23Sunset_EQ7A7904_Brent Bielmann

Gabriella Bryan – Professional Surfer & Winner 2024 WSL Margaret River Pro.

Declan Irvine Team Novo Nordisk

Declan Irvine – Professional Cyclist with Team Novo Nordisk


The Commbank Matildas

Lavinia Kava

Lavinia Kava – Mum, amazing Human and Australian Strong Woman!

Ready to reach your potential?

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